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Recent Notices

  • New Forum Software

    February 28, Thu
    We're switching to a newer and more modern forums over the coming days, we'll be setting this up and during this period the forum will continue operating like normal but it's not recommended to create a new account or post topics!
  • Game Server Migration

    February 06, Wed
    Due to our recent outage on the Terraria server we've decided to move this to a dedicated server, this means the server may be going offline from time to time until everything has been set up

Recent Incidents

  • All platforms unavailable.

    Resolved in 4 days
    Affected Service: CyberwolvesNet Website Login System Single (or several) webpage(s) E-Mail Service CyberwolvesNet VPS Game Servers Minecraft Server Terraria Server FiveM Server June 14, Fri

    It appears there's an issue at CloudWebServices that needs to be resolved.
    The server's running on a off-site computer but the IP is unreachable.
    A temporary replacement IP has been set up: Please use this to connect to our network for the time being!
    The website, forums and email however, will remain offline as this is directly hosted from CloudWebServices

    07:44, Jun 10 UTC

    Everything at CloudWebServices is functioning as normal, everything's up

    15:05, Jun 14 UTC
  • All servers unavailable.

    Resolved in 14 hours
    Affected Service: Game Servers Minecraft Server Terraria Server FiveM Server March 12, Tue

    It appears that our server has shut down entirely for unknown reasons, most likely a physical shutdown.
    We're unable to be on-site until the next day (12-3) so bear with us!

    18:29, Mar 11 UTC

    We arrived on-site and found the server indeed switched off, we're investigating the cause and restarting all services!

    08:58, Mar 12 UTC

    We are unable to find the root cause of why the system shut down unexpectedly. There is no sign of failure from hardware or software. Most likely the server lost power

    09:09, Mar 12 UTC
  • Affected Service: E-Mail Service February 24, Sun

    Recently we've noticed a lot of emails being unable to be delivered towards any domain ending in We've got in touch with CloudWebServices and are working together to fix this.

    14:49, Feb 18 UTC

    It appears that the spamfilter Blacklists a lot of email going to the domain and marks other emails as spam. We're currently working out for a bypass

    15:10, Feb 18 UTC

    After almost a week we've finally come with a fix and are now testing to see if it works.

    14:24, Feb 24 UTC

    We'll now mark this as resolved until further notice

    14:25, Feb 24 UTC
  • Forums appearing as Error 404

    Resolved in 21 hours
    Affected Service: CyberwolvesNet Website Single (or several) webpage(s) February 14, Thu

    After a short hassle with migrating the new website to our domain we've noticed that our Forums aren't working as they should. We're currently investigating!

    09:07, Feb 13 UTC

    We've updated the forum's URL from /forums to /forum, things are looking better now! We're currently testing and seeing what impact this will have on the databases but it should all be working properly right now!

    06:39, Feb 14 UTC
  • VPS Unavailable

    Resolved in 3 days
    Affected Service: CyberwolvesNet VPS February 03, Sun

    We've been informed by CloudWebServices that our VPS won't be available due to a misconfiguration issue on their network switch. We're awaiting further updates

    06:34, Jan 31 UTC

    We’ve been notified the repair will be delayed due to extreme weather

    13:50, Jan 31 UTC

    It took us a long time but we finally managed to get the VPS up again, everything's online now and working properly

    17:18, Feb 03 UTC
  • Affected Service: Terraria Server January 30, Wed

    We've recently noticed our Terraria Server going offline from time to time. We're currently scanning our main servers hoping it'll do something

    16:45, Jan 30 UTC

    We've verified our files over and over and we think we may have found the problem, we're further investigating for a fix. Hang tight in there!

    17:23, Jan 30 UTC

    We've successfully restarted our Terraria Server, we've been monitoring for 30 minutes and no problems so far.

    18:03, Jan 30 UTC
  • No incidents reported